Just Girly Things Cosmetic Bag (Mint)

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 These bags are to hold all your girly things. What's a girly thing? A girly thing is whatever you want it to be because you're your own person and I can't tell you what to do.

I designed this print because I was keeping all of my Magic the Gathering Accessories in a makeup bag. I wanted something that was a little more.... me! Feminine, with a dash of clobberin'. And my tiny signature on the bottom right corner.

These pouches are 5"x8". Big enough to fit several items while remaining small enough to keep in a purse, fannypack, loot bag or clown car. But to be fair, everything fits in a clown car.

Made from 100% polyester cloth cover with high-density foam inner and black liner. 

Can comfortably hold:
Makeup and Brushes
Tabletop Gaming Accessories
The Severed Extremities of Your Enemies
Pencils and Pens
Sanitary Items
All Your Secrets
& much more! Basically whatever you can cram in there! Good for you! Look at you go!

A wonderful gift for yourself, or 20 of your closest friends.

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