Crumpet and Friends Tote

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This tote bag features Crumpet the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Pistachio the French Bulldog, and Macaron the Birman cat! These characters are my own, and are only a few of many I have created in Crumpet's world. I'm so happy to slowly be bringing life to them and introducing them to you, they're very dear to my heart.
When creating this design I was heavily inspired by my love of Lolita fabric prints and super sweet vintage cookbooks. Each part of this tote's design was hand drawn with a pencil and paper, scanned in, and turned into a digital picture.
This tote bag features the print on both sides, and it measures 16"x16".

Made with a super durable cotton/polyester blended fabric, machine washable! I recommend hanging to dry.

Please note, this bag does not come with any charms/pompoms as featured in some of the pictures. I'm a big fan of "bag candy" and wanted to show examples of how the totes can be personalized with your own style. :)

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