Boogeyman Protection Badge Iron-On Patch



Product Details

Are you a steadfast babysitter at the end of their rope on a crisp Halloween night?  Perhaps a spunky final girl with the will to survive no matter what? Maybe you just like rainbows and pumpkins, and who can blame you. This badge is dedicated to my fellow spooky season aficionados. 


This twill and embroidered patch is 3" wide, and 3" tall. Features iron-on backing.  Looks great on a jacket, bag, hat, anywhere you choose to apply it!  

How to apply an iron-on patch:

This patch will heat seal to polyester/cotton fabrics. Do not apply to rainwear (waterproof), highly elastic, rayon, nylon or tri-acetate fabrics. Once applied, patch is permanently attached to garment and is washable, dryable and dry cleanable. For machine washing, turn garment inside-out before washing and drying.

Step 1: Set your hand iron at a very hot temperature setting. Do NOT use steam during application.

Step 2: Place your embroidered patch in the desired position and place a pressing cloth (such as a handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase fabric) over top.

Step 3: Press the iron down for 20 seconds.

Step 4: Increase temperature to 375 degrees. Turn the garment inside-out and press for 15 more seconds.

Step 5: Allow the embroidered patch to cool down.

Step 6: I like to hand sew around the edges of embroidered patches to ensure they don't peel over time, but this is optional.


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